address: 4597 Laubert Road, Atwater 44201 Ohio (In Randolph) | phone: 330.947.3373
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The School Tour

Ride on our Pedal Tractor Track
Our pedal tractors are tiny replicas of old-fashioned tractors, some of which are used on our orchard!

Go down the BIG Slide!

Guess what is in the "Mystery Box"?
Experience "hands-on" science fun in our Mystery Box.

Get an oppertunity to pick apples.

Take home an apple sipper complete with a helping of our fresh-pressed cider, made only with the ripest of Stotler apples, as well as a coloring book.

Learn how an apple develops through the season.

Laugh at the apple oddities.

Receive an apple-themed music lession from Mr. Stotler, a retired elementary school music teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience.

Visit our Apple Store.

In addition your school has free use of our picnic area.


At Stotlers' Orchard, school tours have proven to be a lot of fun for both teachers and students alike!  Our school tours are open to children ages K-2 attending school in a private, public, or home-school setting.  The tour includes a 25-minute hayride through our 30-acre orchard.  students will see how apples are picked, sorted, and stored on our apple farm.  The orchard experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

Our school tours are $5.50 per person. 
Minimum 28 students ($154.00)

To schedule a tour in September to mid October
please call us at (330) 947-3373.

*One Teacher per classroom receives free admission. 

*The class receives approximately a peck of apples, harvested by class members.

Assistance with teaching Ohio Academic Content Standards in Science. Items covered include Earth and Space, Life, Physical Sciences and include items of Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry and Scientific Ways of Knowing.