address: 4597 Laubert Road, Atwater 44201 Ohio (In Randolph) | phone: 330.947.3373
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Pick Your Own Apple Hours:
Saturday Noon till 5:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday Noon till 5:00pm and Sunday 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Interested in picking your own apples
"U Pick" in our main orchard starts in early September. There is a one bushel minimum.  Each bushel is $16.50.  When picking in the Antique / Heirloom orchard, a bushel is $17.50. The Antique / Heirloom orchard typically opens the 3rd weekend of September. We provide the bags to pick into!  Please dress appropriately for weather and rugged terrain.
* Honeycrisp not available for u-pick


Estimated ripening times of some of our varieties

Ginger Gold Last week in August
Mollies Delicious Last week in August
Gala First week in September
Red Corts Second week in September
Cortland Second week in September
Jonathan Third week in September
Empire Third week in September
Grimes Golden Third week in September
Red Delicious Fourth week in September
Jonagold First week in October
Yellow Second week in October
Mutsu Second week in October
Winesapp Third week in October
Melrose Third week in October
Braeburn Third week in October
Granny smith First week in November
Fuji First week in November

We also grow almost 100 other varieties!!!

Call for Ripening dates